Visis Strategy

Helping nonprofits succeed with passion and purpose

Running a nonprofit is challenging and rewarding.

The Nonprofit Ops Pro can help make it less challenging and more rewarding so you can carry out your organization’s mission.

We work with nonprofits because we believe in helping those who help others. We admire those who work in this field. Even though we know you just want to do the work of serving others there are a lot of operational pieces–from fundraising to volunteer recruitment to state registration–that have to be done. These Ops pieces can be time consuming, expensive, and inefficient which cost you valuable time and money that could be used in furthering your mission.


We help nonprofits figure out where their board and staff could implement more efficient and effective tools and systems.

Administrative Support

If you don’t have an admin or leadership team, we can take over your admin work so you can advance your mission.

Event Management

From venue research to final surveys, our team will help you create memorable events of any size.

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Reach out so we can work together make your nonprofit accomplish something amazing!

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